One of the most difficult tasks in dealing with a scrupulous spouse is tracing fraudulent and hidden assets during, or sometimes after, a divorce proceeding. Often time, the spouse may employ the assistance of friends and relatives, as well as offshore accounts and/or stashing cash in a safety deposit (or at home), to avoid detection and disclaiming in a contested divorce. The Houston Divorce Lawyers and the Southwest Houston Family Law Lawyers at the Law Offices of Steven Tuan Pham have assisted a number if clients in identifying and locating hidden assets for our clients, even after the final decree of divorce have been entered by the court. If you suspect that your spouse may have hidden assets that were accumulated during the course of the marriage, please contact our Houston Divorce Attorneys and our Harris County Divorce Law Firm for assistance. Our Houston Family Law Attorneys may be reached at 713-517-6645.

As stated above, spouse who hide community assets during the divorce proceeding, or prior to contemplating in filing divorce petition, often time employs the assistance of friends and family members for assistance. The scheme can range from hiding community properties or cash with relatives. Sometimes assets may be hidden behind a sham transaction with friends such that the friend purchases the community asset at a price significantly lower than market value. In many of these instances, the friends and/or family members that assisted the other spouse may turn on that person, either because of personal conflicts or because of moral reason. In these cases, evidence provided by these people are the smoking guns that will assist you in obtaining your equal shares, as well as receiving punitive damages by the court.

Although it is not common, you may want to employ professional services from forensic accountants and private investigators in identifying assets that are difficult to find, such as secrete offshore accounts or when the spouse stash cash in a secrete location. Some of the techniques used by forensic accountants and private investigator include identifying unusual spending habits, purchases, and abnormal financial transactions. Because information gather through these techniques is usually sensitive, it may be time consuming and require lengthy investigation process. Thus, hiring these professionals may be expensive. However, if you are suspecting that your spouse, or ex-spouses, are hiding large amount of community assets, it may be worthwhile to employ such professionals. Working with the Houston Divorce Attorneys at the Law Offices of Steven Tuan Pham, these professionals may be the key to get that smoking gun.

If you are suspecting your spouse has hidden assets obtained during the course of the marriage, please contact the Houston Divorce Lawyers and the Southwest Houston Family Law Attorneys at the Law Offices of Steven Tuan Pham Our experienced Houston Divorce Attorneys have assisted clients in identifying and tracing hidden asset and regain assets for our clients up to ¼ million dollars just in one single case. In some instances, our attorneys were able to obtain settlements from the opposing spouse for payments even after the final decree of divorce has already been entered. Please contact the Houston Divorce Lawyers of Law Offices of Steven Tuan Pham at 713-517-6645 for further assistance.


Please DO NOT rely on the information above to replace a personal consultation with our Houston Family Lawyers and our Houston Divorce Attorneys. There may be other legal issues, depending on the fact and circumstances, in which we have not had the opportunity to discuss in this article. Every case is unique and requires our Houston Child Custody Attorneys and our Spring Family Law Lawyers to review and to provide a personal consultation. Please contact our Montgomery and Harris County Divorce Lawyers at 713-517-6645 or complete our Online Contact Form.

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